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Rainbow Snowcone week: {Favorite scene}
    The hug.

I personally love all their scenes, and I almost chose either when Pitch stole her fairies or when they were in Jamie’s room. They all give me feels and make me clap like a child, but this, the  hug…It makes me jump in my seat and squeal like a madwoman. 

Okay so, what I love about this is that, while everyone else is smiling and acknowledging their victory and they’re looking at Jack. But when Tooth sees him, she’s just so happy and proud of him that she just can’t contain her excitement and she clings to him, twirling them around. I also love how Jack didn’t expect it at all and he’s surprised but comes out of the hug with a smile. And how Tooth buries her face in his shoulder and how Jack’s hand goes to her hip, holding her up and how Tooth pulls her legs up. 

And that glimpse to Tooth’s lips and how his hand just rests there makes me want to roll around in glitter and puke rainbows. Also Tooth’s adoring smile in the second gif.

Even when Tooth pulls away slightly, suddenly surprised on how close they were, Jack’s expression just softens more. Like she’s the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. And when Baby Tooth comes, Tooth’s eyes fall on her immediately, while Jack’s eyes still say on Tooth, still watching her with that soft expression before he seems Tooth’s smile widen and he laughs. And Toothiana’s hand flies to her chest/heart area and rests there before throwing Jack that shy look and flying away. Jack on the other hand nods and keeps his attention on Tooth, making sure she looks away before focusing on Baby Tooth. 

I just…I suck at explaining, I do, I know, but I tried and this ship I will go down with. And when I will, it will become a submarine.

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